At ZoZo Group, we bring insight to the table.

More than 20 years of community involvement, public relations, media buying and marketing experience make ZoZo Group the ideal team to execute a plan tailored to your project and company.

Ideally Located

Located in the Denver metro area, we have the flexibility to promptly respond to our clients’ needs, provide continuity of communication and represent our clients in meetings with members of the local community.

Effective Communicators

Our team of strong verbal and written communicators keeps provides transparency on your project’s milestones and accomplishments, increases public acceptance of construction activities in the work zones and improves public safety by providing consistent, accurate and timely information about the project. Our team members hold bachelor’s degrees in a variety of communications backgrounds, including public relations, marketing, business, journalism and graphic design.

Expert Service

We have experience in the private, for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors, and with in-house designers, copywriters and web developers, we deliver effective results at a fraction of the cost of larger agencies.

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