Public Information Management (PIM) Services

Since 2009 we have served as a public information management team for over 200 construction projects, and we’re excited to bring our experience, dedication and insight to your project in 2021!

We are Certified

ZoZo Group is a certified DBE Agency. We are certified with Regional Transportation District (RTD) as an SBE, and as an ACDBE company with the City and County of Denver. We are an ideal agency for public information services (PIS), public notifications and construction-related public relations. We subcontract with general contractors and prime Colorado heavy-highway construction companies to provide these professional services.

Why is Public Information Important?

Yes, public information and outreach efforts can be time consuming and resource intensive. However, when citizens feel their concerns have not been adequately addressed, costly project delays, lawsuits, and even project cancellations can occur. These are risks we can help you avoid.

Work zones, particularly large ones, can have negative effects on regional traffic safety, mobility and traveler satisfaction. A well-planned and implemented public information and outreach campaign can mitigate many of these issues. Projects with successful public information campaigns have found that:

1. Travelers are more willing to cope with disruptions and cooperate with directions when they feel that all of the necessary steps are being taken to advise the public.

2. Information about work zones empowers drivers and the public to make informed travel decisions, and reduces the amount of complaints received.

3. Acceptance of inconvenience and a reduction in frustration related to the work zone is more likely with a genuine message from those involved.

4. Accidents within the work zone are reduced, and safety is improved.

Your Ideal Public Information Team

As your public information team, our role is to manage the distribution of information about the project to the public, and to help your project stay compliant with the project owners' public outreach goals. On highway construction projects, we will coordinate with the owner, construction company and traffic control management to ensure adequate notification of road closures and other significant developments is given to public-stakeholders, local businesses, and impacted residents. We work with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)'s communications managers to create and distribute media releases, and to develop a public information plan that is appropriate for the project. We also work with the on-site construction managers to produce the reports required by CDOT and coordinate any public meetings or events needed to support the project.

In 2014, we won the SMPS Ignite Award for our public information outreach on the Roaring Fork Transit's VelociRFTA project. Our qualifications for Public Information Management (PIM) of your project are as follows:


Over 20 years of community involvement, public relations, media buying and marketing outreach experience. We also have experience authoring and distributing press releases with local publications. We have provided public information management services for the following entities:

- CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation)
- City and County of Denver
- City and County of Broomfield
- City of Colorado Springs
- Town of Vail
- Adams County
- Denver Water

Strategic Planning Abilities

We possess decades of marketing program and project management experience. We build strategic communications and outreach campaigns unique for each client.

Efficient and Effective

Our organizational structure gives us the flexibility to promptly respond to our clients needs. Our approach has made us efficient in implementing various marketing strategic plans simultaneously.

Strong Communicators

We are a team of strong oral and written communicators with the ability to keep our projects organized and professional.


We are a Colorado company, located in the Denver metro area, allowing for frequent face-to-face meetings with members of the local community and continuity of communication programs.

Multi-sector experience

We have experience in the private, for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors.


Our agency contains a variety of degrees including bachelor's degrees in Marketing, English, Journalism.

Cost Conservation

Our overhead is likely to be substantially less than larger local agencies. We have in-house graphic designers, copywriters and Spanish Translators, which helps contain our costs and expenses.

Progress, People, Performance

Our agency has progressively grown from year to year; we have the right people with the right experience to plan and execute and the project.

ZoZo Group Public Information Clients  

We have provided Public information management services for the following construction companies. Contact us for an estimate on your upcoming project.