Our Services

PI Management

Public information and outreach efforts, including communicating lane closures, detours, delays andother details about road work projects, can be a time‐consuming and resource‐intensive task. Commuters driving through construction zones want to have the most up‐to‐date information to make their travel plans or even build time into their drive.

As the public information team, our role is to manage the distribution of information about the project to the public. Our services also help your project stay transparent and compliant with the project owners’ public outreach goals.

We coordinate with the owner, construction company and traffic control management to ensure adequate notification of lane and road closures to the public, which includes stakeholders, local businesses and impacted residents. We work with Colorado Department of Transportation communications managersand city and county communications directors to develop a Public Information Plan for each project, andto create and distribute deliverables, including press releases, to meet the needs of the project.

We utilize these connections to ensure a successful public information campaign.

Strategic Planning Marketing Services

Let us craft you a unique marketing campaign for your company, tailored to its core strengths, values and objectives. We understand each client is different, which is why we refuse to provide one‐size‐fits‐all marketing. Strengthen your company’s key messages and build a strategic plan to meet your business develop objectives with ZoZo Group — all the expertise, without all the overhead. .

In our role as your marketing team, public information officers or outreach coordinators, we serve a similar purpose.

Media Buying Services

Let us provide market coverage to ensure the success of your campaign. If you conjure up an out‐of-this‐world marketing campaign and nobody sees it, is it successful? Get your best, creative ideas out there with our media buying services. We will research the top locations throughout Colorado and nationwide to provide the greatest value for your cross‐media campaign.

We have prepared media buying plans for traditional out‐of‐home media, such as large‐format highway billboards and mobile truck advertising, as well as online media, including banner ads and search engine marketing.

Tactical Marketing Representation Services

Let us cater to your marketing needs, only when you have them. Have you already identified your marketing medium? Let ZoZo Group be your on‐call marketing agency to execute your plan. Using our marketing services allows you flexibility in your campaign, and we’ll give you a fresh perspective, insight and creativity—only when you need us.

Graphic Design

Let us create concise, clear designs for your marketing materials. Logos, flyers, newsletters, brochures, fact sheets, posters and signs — our talented group of in‐house graphic designers can do it all. Each team member has worked on hundreds of designs in a variety of industries, and will create deliverables to fit your communication goals.

Legal Marketing Services

Marketing and business development techniques for attorneys are quite different than services for any other businesses. That’s because of the existing penalties for non‐compliance with the code of ethics.

ZoZo Group’s team of professional internet marketers understands this, and is equipped to help you stand out from the pack. We have worked with attorneys and law firms in a variety of specialties, including criminal defense, divorce, family law, legal malpractice, civil law or personal injury. All have built their marketing success with ZoZo Group.

Let us create a custom, attractive, functional and compliant website for your firm, or expand your online presence to complement your brand and existing campaigns. We offer tailored services to meet your marketing objectives and fit your needs. Our internet marketing services include search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, landing page creation, link development, directory submissions and pay per click (PPC) campaign management.