SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize your site for your audience

ZoZo Group specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We connect you to a larger audience. We make these connections creatively. And we provide the insight that ensures future success.

When we talk SEO, there's a simple goal we share with you: driving more traffic to your website. Successful Internet marketing depends upon it. We make your site more appealing to the major search engines organically/naturally. Once your site has high placement on the search engines, traffic to your site has been shown to increase. In addition to Optimization, we also provide Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services.

The Perfect Plan

At ZoZo Group, we don't offer short-term solutions or quick fixes. Your long-term success is our success. That's why we start at the beginning: We gather and share the competitive intelligence around your site. We review it with you and help set realistic goals. Then we develop a comprehensive plan to achieve those goals. Typically we request a six-month commitment for our SEO services, and a three-month commitment for SEM.

Our Deliverables

We know the major components necessary to optimize your Website for better organic ranking on search engines. Your ZoZo Group SEO project may include several of the following tasks to help your site rank better organically:

Measured Progress

You want to know the results of your SEO project. So do we. To track the progress of your search engine optimization, ZoZo's SEO team utilizes a variety of search engine tools and programs. In addition to the data contained within your website's traffic reports, we may also prepare a comprehensive ZoZoSEO Competitive Analysis Report to gain a detailed understanding of your competitors and their Internet marketing approach.

The Details

Internet marketing is more prevalent by the day. More competition means more challenges. As search engine optimization specialists and professional search engine marketers, ZoZo Group massages meta tags for your website. Meta tags are like the air traffic controllers of the internet—unseen, underappreciated, but vital to your site's search engine rankings.

We also take the time to stay up-to-speed on what the search engines consider a "good" website and the types of websites they are looking to deliver to their users. We then employ the latest software applications and techniques to make your site fit the most current specifications.

Search Engine Marketing

You may want to drive traffic to your site from viewers who would not otherwise be looking for it. We can give you several options:

A Better Result

Search Engine Optimization gives you a higher return on investment than any comparable type of marketing. At ZoZo Group, we bring decades of marketing experience to every SEO project. We can increase the number of visitors who are actively searching for your service, and do so in a cost-effective way.

SEO - Sucess Stories - ZoZo

Moorhead's Rankings are on page one - across the board

The law office of David Moorhead is sittin' pretty on the search engines these days thanks to the SEO and attorney internet marketing services of ZoZo Group. Meaning: when someone searches for this type of attorney in Boulder, our clients' website is place on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Often times his web page is listed in the top five listings of the search engine.

With the improvements in search engine rankings, the traffic to their website has seen a continuous increase of 15-20% each month. Comparing the last three months, to the previous three months we have seen a 72% increase in traffic to the site. Optimizing this site was not an SEO task taken lightly. As a criminal and DUI Defense Attorney in Colorado, the online competition is strong. We all know that content is king; that is where we applied a majority of our SEO efforts. We cannot take credit for the design the site; just the SEO related tweaking. Our strategic partnerships in combination with our legal marketing background, solid web development, specific SEO training and writing skills are what gave this criminal defense attorney the online presence and website traffic he was seeking.

Seniors Inc in Denver Sees a 40% increase in leads with SEO
from ZoZo Group.

Seniors Inc, a local Denver nonprofit, provides a variety of services to seniors and their families. After completing a competitive analysis it was determined that Seniors Inc was being far too modest about their in-home care services. After some expansion of their content, tweaking of their links and metadata ZoZo Group observed dramatic improvement in the rankings of the site on the search engines. Whats better is that traffic to the site increased by 30 % and leads from the website increased over 40%.

Bahhh - River Bend Ranch Selects ZoZo Group for SEO

Search Engine Optimziation is not just for high tech. Sheep Breeders need online visibility too. Not all sheep are created equal: some grow wool, some don't. Some break down fences and some simply eat around them. River Bend Ranch of Oregon was referred to ZoZo Group from a past client.. After some research, a few light-hearted giggles, and more research we grasped the key words, and got to work. This SEO project, while small, is the proof that good SEO practices cross many industries. It has been entertaining, as we worked on refining, or in most cases redefining, our understanding of ewes, rams and lambs...

For Search Engine Optimization, and any other marketing needs, contact ZoZo Group or call us at 720-949-2020. Our insight will guide you.

zozo sempo member logoZoZo Group is a proud member of SEMPO, a nationally recognized professional organization for the Search Engine Marketing industry. LaSheita is the Chair of Working group of SEMPO Colorado, uniting Colorado's top search marketing talent on a monthly basis.